Мы креативная студия, занимающееся разработкой сайтов, мобильных приложений, и бренда
move missions forward. Beautifully.
What we believe in -
Close collaborations
We like to work in tandem with our clients. We bring our stuff, you bring your stuff, and together we make it work.
Purposeful designs
We understand the bigger business problems; we design with intention so no form goes without functi
Brands we’ve worked for along the way -
Business major. Self-taught designer. Tofu enthusiast.
Danielʼs work has made waves on Abduzeedo, Creative Bloq, Behance, and Dribbble for being white space porn. Heʼs worked under BBDO Malaysia and designed solutions for brands and organizations such as Sony, Play Studios, Toggl, WPLift, and STYR Labs.
Will string words for premium Japanese tofu.
Daphnie studied design. She also ran a business. But writing is more her thing. She was the Freelance Regional Copywriter at Grey Group Worldwide, Head Copywriter at NinjaOutreach.com, and has written for brands/companies such as Maybank Berhad, CIMB Berhad, Komugi Bakery, Bio-essence, Somersby, and Panasonic.
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